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Developing team spirit


Since the beginning, the Club has given much importance to the quality of human relationships in firms.
We have worked in collaboration with some of the biggest firms in France and the idea of developing team spirit during sessions in connection with horses was born.
Every sessions is organisad « according to the firm's request and answer its needs».
The session take place in pleasant environments, in contact wiht nature and horses and may last one day, deux two days or more.
The equestrian and cultural activities suggested aim at increased synergy, preformance and efficiency of working team.        

Examples of suggested activities :
"natural horse riding" takes place in music. Based on confidence, attention, respect and relaxation, it's a very special approach to a horse. You make your relationship with the horse stronger, in full confidence, you learn how to control your emotions, pay attention and open out to others.   Going for a ride by night, in the heart of unexpected deep nature stimulates everyone's sensibility and creativity.  Equestrians games appeal to spontaneous individual reaction. Team spirit is strenghened and the planning of strategies is encouraged. Handwriting workshops are proposed and the skill can be practised in groups. Everyone profits by these moments of emotion shared with their colleagues in exceptional surroundings. They get to know each other better, become able to value their differences and are ready to feel personally involved and to evolve within a workteam in which they have found their right places.
A team spirit session is a maispring and a major asset for a firm.

Please get in touch with Mr. Olivier RABOUAN for more information : tel 05 49 56 60 09 or e-mail