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Club hippique Poitiers

Pratical infos
Registration : Forms and Conditions


Recommended outfit for 7 days
It is advised to mark the children's clothes.
Please avoid giving your child valuable things. There won't be any refund from our insurance in case of loss or theft.

1 fitted bottom sheet
1 pillowcase
1 sleeping bag
1 laundry bag
7 pairs of briefs or underpants
3 vests
7 pairs of socks
2 riding pants
1 track suit
Town clothes for the evening
5 blouses or T-shirts
1 sweater or jumper
1 pair of pyjamas
1 raincoat
1 pair of boots (riding boots or wellies)
1 pair of trainers or shoes
1 pair of indoor shoes
1 riding cap (for information only 14,90 € at Decathlon)
Toilet bag : face flannel, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, 2 towels.

In addition to the summer outfit :
Warm sweaters and jumpers
1 pair of gloves
Warm coat and raincoat

If your child is having a course of medical treatment, please give us the prescription and the medecines.

We have a Club shop for souvenirs. Your child may have some money that we'll keep safe at reception that we'll give him/her at her/his request.

We have taken a third-party insurance and a personal insurance against accidents. The company is : AREAS - 11 place Dupleix - 86100 CHATELLERAULT
This insurance comes in addiction to your own. insurances but does not take in charge the trip back home of your child.

IN CASE OF CANCELLATION More than 30 days before departure : we retain 30% of the total amount for the stay.Between 21 and 30 days before deprature : we retain 50% of the total amount for the stay.Between 8 and 20 days before departure : we retain 75% of the total amount for the stay.
Between 7 days before departure and during the stay : 100% of the total amount for the stay is retained.

During their stay, the children can use a phone box (05 49 45 14 54) worked by coins (1 € minimum). The children will love to receive letters, faxes (05 49 56 57 09) or emails ( that we'll pass on to them.

Horse riders of 7 and more having already practised riding may take the federal horsemanship examinations (from Galop 1 to 7) during their stay.
If your child wishes to take one of these "Galop", please let's us have a photocopy of her/his licence with a check for 10,00 € for each "galop".
If your child has no licence we can provide her/him with one for amount of 25,00 €.
If your child does not wish to take a "Galop" the FFE licence is not compulsory.

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