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I'd like to than you. I've found gain, in Paris, my children blooming, happy and rich with the memories of that lovely week with you. Moreover, they were clean as new pins and their things well packed in the suitcase.
Well done! And many thanks again for your devotion and competence.
Best regards,
Marie-Hélène J.

First of all, thank you for Jeremy's holiday. After his stay with you he is obviously calmer and has visibly progressed in expressing himself. Jeremy is more stable and serene, he expresses himself with more precision an assurance... I really wonder how you can succeed in all that in one week... You are magicians. Thanks to the whole staff.

Hello to all the staff of the Club.
We are delighted that Palmyre got on so well with you on that first experience! You know how to create an extraordinary climate with the children and, in fact, it's you who are extraordinary people.
Give Palmyre a big hug for us ; let her enjoy fully the joys, scents, colours and warm atmosphere of Moulière.
Alain et Aude L.

For many years, many children have had horse or pony riding sessions in that holiday center. Once you have stayed at the Club, you can't help going back there. It's a wonderful place we could call a paradise. I have been there for 9 years and to me as well as to the other children it is a second home.
Romane L.14 ans.

Many thanks for that weekend full of discoveries and emotions for the whole family. See you soon.
Sylvie D

It was a real pleasure to be with you all for the 30th birthday of the Club. To me it was important to go back to my roots before leaving for the other end of the world.

After having passed galop 6 my daughter Bertille fell off her horse. She did not want to mount again in spite of her passion for horse riding. Thanks "Natural horse riding", you have restored her self-confidence. Thank you for having prepared her well for galop 7. Now she brilliantly goes in for competitions. She is waiting eagerly for the next holidays to go back to the Club and see you. 
Sophie L

A thousand thanks for your kindness, your generousity, your receptiveness and profesionalism. The students, just as me, will keep an excellent memory of their stay.
Betty B. Directrice Ecole deTalence.

Last week we have great fun with the horses. We enjoyed learning how to ride horses with you. For a first time it was all right. Thnaks to you we have learnt a lot. We'll keep you in our hearts. Thnak you very much. See you soon.
The students of Collège Jean Macé. Châtellerault.

Dear Olivier,
The whole work team was carried away by their 3 days in your Club.
A thousand thanks to all of you. We were warmly welcome as usual... Our beginners enjoyed getting to know their horses and galloping along bridle paths and for the Pony Games. Thanks tu your mother, the cooks, Elodie and of course to you Olivier for having made us share happy moments during that 'team spirit session".
Many thanks again.
Domitille. Responsable Communication Décathlon Fouganza