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Club hippique Poitiers

Our offers and tariffs


For :
- families,
- adults, 
- teenagers,
- children from 12 months

It's a marvellous place for all who wish to share happy moments with their family, their friends or on their own.

Various kinds of weekends are organized at the Club all year round.

"Discovery weekends" are based on new innovating activities :
Natural horse riding for children and adults,
Baby riders sessions,
- Early-learning games for very young children.

"Traditional weekends" offer all the various activities of the Club.

"Weekends proposing long rides" as far as Touffou castle or the river Vienne or rides to places in the forest where you can hear the deer's bell. These are ways of escaping among natural environments as the seasons go by.

TARIFFS Phone us 05 49 56 60 09