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Discovery classes


Because we are very much concerned with education, we welcome, at the Club, since the very beginning, students and teachers for "discovery classes". Getting mature through contact with nature and animals allows students and their teachers to develop an exciting project which strengthens cohesion in the class and teaches a new way of discovering the others.

Horse riding is practised with pleasure in full confidence and safety through activities adapted to all levels :
- around a ring,
- along bridle-paths, .
- trick riding
- discovery of "natural horse riding".
Based on sensory awareness "natural horse riding" makes you discover a pony or a horse in a different way.

The children are encouraged to pay attention, observe and practise. They become able to understand better the behaviour of the animals with which they are linked by close bonds of friendship.
They will develop :
- self-determination,
- confidence,
- pleasure in discovering and learning.

They will leave the Club with their heads full of unforgettable memories.

Please get in touch with Mr Olivier RABOUAN for more information, tel 05 49 56 60 09 or  email