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The story of the Club


1985 : 30 double ponies, 38 Shetland ponies, 45 children can be welcomed.

1986 : Philippe and Olivier set up the limited liability company : "The Mouliere Forest Pony-Club". The building are elarged. 60 children can be welcomed.

1987 : a second "quarry" is available..

1988 : a third "quarry" of Olympic size is available.
Mrs Rabouan starts an innovative method : "The Baby-riders". Several trophies obtained at Horse Shows.

1991 : a vast ring is built, 60 double ponies and horses, 40 Shetland. 70 children can be welcomed.

1992 : Antoine teams up with his brothers.

1993 : the living quarters are enlarged, bedrooms for the very young children are built. Organization of family weekends : Baby-riders from 12 months old can be accomodated. 80 children can be welcomed.

1995 : Olivier starts a new discipline : "Natural Horsemanship" the development of which is extraordinary. Several trophies are obtained at Horse-shows. 87 children can now be accomodated. 142 ponies and horses.

2005 : organization of sessions developing teams spirit for firms.

2006 : One pony-games team comes 1st at the French Championship.

2007 : Mrs Rabouan is named Chevalier of the "Merite Agricole" by M. Raffarin.

2008 : Philippe, Olivier et Antoine become comanagers of limited liabilty company : "the Mouliere Forest Horse-riding and Pony-Club". New website.

Years go by. We now often have our first trainee's children who follow in their parents' footsteps and all of them share a lot of joy, exchanges and emotions.
Life continues.

1976 : the farm was bought by Mr and Mrs Rabouan. They choose to set up the Club in an old farm in the heart of Poitou-Charentes region, 18 km fro Poitiers and above all, juts by the National Mouliere Forest.

1977 : creation of the Pony-Club, 30 Shetland ponies and 3 Connemara double-ponies - 1 covering ring, 30 children were welcomed.
Mrs Rabouan is in charge of the teaching department. Before they created the club she had been a schoolmistress and then a secondary education teacher for 20 years. They have 3 sons : Philippe, Olivier, Antoine.
As life is constantly on the move and for a wider scope, she had the idea of creating a place to synthesize some educationlists so-called utopian concepts and she succeded in doing it thanks to a real vocation she had and still has.
The aims in 1977 and still now:
Creation of a pony-club in the country, quite near a national forest so that the place would become a real home where to live and learn and where you can find :
- equestrian and cultural activities,
-learning to live in community
-learning to part from one's family,
-learning to become self-sufficient and get a better knowledge of oneself. 
Organization of :
- holiday and weekend sessions for children from 4 to 18 yearq old,
- welcoming school classes. from 1993 welcoming adults families and Baby-riders at weekends.

Boosted by so much energy,

1979 : Philippe decided to share in the development of the Cub. Being a horse-riding instructor he buys more horses and equipment : 10 double ponies, 30 Shetland, 1 "quarry".

1981 : Olivier , in his turn, decides to participate in the development of the Club. He is a horse-riding instructor and develops communication at the same time.